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Establishment and school - City Of Knowledge School at 3285 North Garey Avenue, Pomona, CA 91767, US. On this page you will find information about the company, its opening hours of the company, telephone and address and customer testimonials.

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3285 North Garey Avenue, Pomona, CA 91767
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+1 909-392-0251

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Reviews about City Of Knowledge School

  • Shamima Ahmed
    Nov, 07 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    I graduated from City of Knowledge three years ago. I started attending CKS in ninth grade. This was the very first time changing schools. I have been going to my previous school for 11 years in a row. I was terrified of going to a new school and meeting new people.

    Upon arriving at CKS I was warmly welcomed. The staff and teachers were kind and gave a lot of individualized attention to their students. That is one of the best features of going to a smaller school. The teacher and staff are available to help one on one. Because it is a small school, we get the benefit of becoming closer with our peers. I have been blessed with going to school every day, growing and making memories together with my classmates. CKS is no longer just a ‘school’ to me. It is more like a ‘home’ due to the amazing people I have met there. Even after I graduated, I am still in contact with so many people from CKS. They will forever be in my thoughts and prayers.

    At City of Knowledge you really feel like the people you meet and the teachers who you converse with really appreciate you being there, and want to make sure you succeed. Some instructors go out of their way to make sure you understand material, and they are happy to have you in class.

    Before arriving, as a Sunni Muslim, I was concerned about going to a ‘Shia’ school. Upon entering and getting to know the school better, I was pleased to see how united the school was. There was no divide or favoritism on the students based on their practices. Everyone was very respectful towards each other. There was no friction between my peers or faculty. Everyone was kind and believed in the notion that being a good Muslim and a good person mattered more than what schools of thought you followed.

    My family traveled 60 miles every day to attend this school. Sure, I could have gone to any high school in LA. But my family knew that there was something special about City of Knowledge. As time passes from the day I left City of Knowledge, the more I see how amazing this school was.

    When you come back to visit, it almost feels like you never left. May Allah swt bless everyone in the CKS community.
  • Ali Aljashamy
    Jun, 25 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    I have been in City of Knowledge Islamic School from the time the school started. I am one of the staff at the school and I have three sons that have graduated and two more that are still in this school. My advice to all parents is to encourage their children to attend this school. For a good academic, great behavior, and a best future, please do. And I think there is no better place than this Islamic school at least in the United States, where the teachers, staff, and administrator serve the students from k-12.
  • Moemen Khattab
    Mar, 24 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    I can safely say City of Knowledge School was my home away from home. The sense of community I felt from the school when I entered in high school was incredible. The teachers, students, administration, and even alumni from the school remain to be one large linked group of valuable resources regardless of their stage in life. The majority of students that graduate from the school continue their education in the UC or Cal State system as I've seen during my graduation year (2011), up until the year I returned to give back by teaching (2015).

    Most importantly due to the small size of the school, you're more likely to make quality relationships with people around you that last a lifetime. I say this from experience :)
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